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Ida’s adventure in Leppävirta and Finland

HELLO finnish readers! My name is Ida Reinecke. It might be the case that you are going to see me in the streets of your town for the next four weeks.

The reason for this is that I am making two internships in Leppävirta. Yesterday I started my first internship at Soisalon Seutu newspaper. It was a very nice day and I’m excited to see what the next two weeks in here are bringing.

The following two weeks I will work in a kindergarden. Right now I live in Timola in a very nice guest family with five sons – quite different to my normal situation because I do not have any siblings at all – and in two weeks I will swap to another guest family with three daughters and a cat.


IF you are wondering about my eyes that are watching everything like I have never seen it before or my unability to pronounce even the name Leppävirta the right way, this is caused by the fact that I am from Germany.

From my hometown Schwerte you have to drive ten minutes with the car until you arive Dortmund – some of you might know the football team ”Borussia Dortmund” (the players in the yellow and black tricots). Even though I know that Ice hockey is a bigger thing here than football.

I am seventeen years old and after I will return to Germany I will visit school for one more year untill I am going to get my graduation. I do not know if I am going to university after that or do something different. As soon as i return i will start making some plans for the future.


BESIDES that I like to do a lot of stuff with my friends, to go shopping in Dortmund with my best friend Mona and to visit the old town Marburg where my boyfreind is studying. If you are interested in that (amazing that you have not stoped

reading yet) I’m the owner of a cat called Mo.

I am very excited and looking forward to the following month. Eventually I am going to write something about my experiences and impressions here in Finland soon.

Ida Reinecke


  • Tarja Heiskanen

    Good luck for your interviews Ida!!
    There are many Schwerte friends here in Leppävirta,who have been many years hostfamily! And many Schwerte people have their summerhouses in Leppävirta!

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